Ajman Free Zone is one of the best cost effective free zones within the UAE. It’s location is in the Emirate of Ajman about 45 minutes drive from Dubai. Ajman free zone company is one of the best idea for those investors who want to start business with the minimum possible cost.

Additionally, it’s location is adjacent to the Ajman sea port which is best for any businesses: starting from freelancers, ending with light manufacturing cum production and trading companies. As opposed to business setup in Dubai, Ajman Free Zone company setup is attractive to those who start a new business from scratch due to its competitive fees for young entrepreneurs and multiple instalment payment plans

Offices and warehouses in the Ajman free zone

AFZA offers the following facilities on the list:

  • Flexi desks are available without monthly time limits
  • Offices.
  • Warehouses

Moreover, there are different options for Flexi desks and offices which can be either located within the free zone headquarters or in a separate building. The warehouses complex has significantly grown and covers all the area around Ajman Sea Port. Customs authority and Immigration office are just opposite to Ajman Free Zone.



Ajman Free Zone company formation can be divided into traditional 3 groups:

  • Trading
  • Service
  • Industrial

On top of that, in 2019 AFZA introduce a category of Freelance permit, which allows having a license and a 3 year visa for the most reasonable costs.

AFZA allows having either 1 service activity or 3 trading activities in the licence. Ajman Free Zone Company Setup Cost
Company setup in Ajman starts from as low as AED 5,000 only per license. This package is design for young businessmen from 20 to 30 years old. It is a low cost license to explore the UAE market. Other packages’ fees depend on visa allocations and business activities. The lowest price is AED 13,250 for the license from trading category eligible for 1 visa. Best business setup cost in Ajman, per license (in AED):   Type of license Price in AED

  • Pioneer package: AED 5,000
  • Freelance package : AED 6,000
  • Trading License with 1 visa: AED 13,250
    Service License with 1 visa: AED 15,135

If you are planning to get resident visas under the company, extra fees for immigration will apply:

  • E channel deposit 5,000 AED
  • E channel registration fee 2,100 AED
    Visa, Medical checkup and
  • Emirates ID 2,800 AED

Multiple Payments Plan In Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) Ajman free zone is the only free zone in the UAE which officially offers instalments payment plan. You may pay for the company by 2, 3 or 6 instalments. However, there are some conditions set by AFZA authority to be met. Most important one – the payment should be provided by post-dated checks from a UAE bank. So if you go for 3 instalments for Ajman free zone license, you can pay the initial one by cash and provide the remaining payments by 2 checks on the day of application for the company. If you come from abroad, of course you won’t have any checks from a UAE bank. In this case you can use the checks of a friend or a relative, for example. But AFZA will ask him to sign a no objection letter to use his check book. Apart from that, you need to provide past 3 months.