If you are an international entrepreneur and want:

  • The ultimate …tax free… cosmopolitan business set up.
  • Honest, informed and professional support during the set up of your company.
  • A smooth process while we do the paperwork and you focus on running your business.

…you have come to the right place.


Key benefits of the Ajman Offshore company:

  • Live free and without taxes. No income taxes, no corporate taxes, no withholding taxes, no social security taxes.
    [2019 Update: Offshore companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are not subject to recently implemented VAT regulations].
  • Save time and money; the Ajman Offshore company is the cheapest and one of the fastest set-ups in the entire United Arab Emirates.
  • Focus on your business instead of paperwork. No reporting requirements. No dealing with a costly annual audits like in most other jurisdictions.
  • Access solid international banking services with multiple currencies in the UAE. In addition, there are banking options in other countries. Experience peace of mind knowing that your money is secure and within reach.
  • Build a strong layer of asset protection. It is very difficult to freeze a bank account in the UAE or file a lawsuit against an Ajman Offshore company. This means that your assets are much safer here than in the vast majority of countries in the world.
  • Enjoy strict confidentiality. Shareholder, directors and secretaries are not displayed in a public register. An extra layer of confidentiality can be found when corporate or nominee directors, secretaries or shareholders are used.
  • And there is one little secret about the Ajman Offshore company that makes it stand out from ALL other offshore jurisdictions. This little trick alone will create instant credibility for your business…


Interesting, right? We will go into more detail below. But first…

Thousands Of Entrepreneurs Know Something You Don’t

Imagine what life is like if you do not have to worry about losing the biggest chunk of your hard earned income in taxes.

Picture your life doing what you love most without wasting time on endless reporting, filling in tax-returns and filling in endless forms.

Sounds good?

What if we tell you that there are thousands of entrepreneurs who live just like that?


Dubai. A World Of Endless Possibilities.

Step into a prosperous paradise. Into the new cosmopolitan centre of the universe. The city that’s rapidly taking over the position of Hong Kong and even New York and London.

The sparkling business paradise where all your dreams come true. Overnight.

Safe. Clean. The Pure-Oxygen-Powerhouse for the People who rule the New World. A “Free Haven” for entrepreneurs. Spirit and business.

A place of luxury and wealth.

This is THE place where business thrives like never before. And after a few slow years wealth is again being created at a monumental scale…

Yes, we are talking about Dubai…

And you can:


Use The Ajman Offshore Company To Tie Your Business Image
To The Most Important Success Story Of The 21st century…

Your Registered Office In Dubai.

It is a fact that doing business from typical offshore jurisdictions like Panama, the Cayman Islands or the BVI is becoming increasingly difficult. With all that is going on in the world, you need a professional and solid foundation for your business.

You need to have the best option possible. The flexibility, cost effectiveness and security of an offshore company. With a solid image, but not the administrative, reporting and financial burden of a company in a high-tax country.


The secret hidden to the outside world is when you use Freemont Oneworld Group for the incorporation of your Ajman Offshore company, your company will have a registered office in Dubai.

So even though you have an offshore company: when your invoices are coming from Dubai, your mailbox and your bank are in Dubai, for the outside world, you are doing business from Dubai…

And Dubai is not a small island in the middle of nowhere. It is rapidly becoming a major financial power house.

That is the secret we just briefly mentioned.

…And your business solution…


If This Set Up Works Like Clock Work For 90% Of Business Models…
– It Works For You –


We are a European Owned business consultant with offices in multiple countries. And we are successfully setting up businesses in the UAE since 2006.

Hear this:

We once had an amazing streak of opening 12 Offshore companies in two weeks. These were twelve different entrepreneurs from eleven different countries on three different continents.


…They had completely different backgrounds and different businesses…

Internet businesses, holding companies, trading companies, consulting companies. They all successfully set up their offshore companies and opened their bank accounts.

Their business lives received an amazing boost. They use offshore companies like Ajman for their international tax planning and their international image to beat their competitors.

The possibilities of the use of an Ajman offshore company are endless!


Exciting! Is a word that is often used to describe the vibe that you feel in this part of the world. And many of our clients refer their friends and business associates.

Are you ready to join this success story?


Why Go Directly With Us?

We are an official registered agent. We administer Ajman Offshore companies ourselves. Most agents you find advertising online are savvy marketeers who use agents like us to set up the companies for them (with a good margin, off course)

With this article we want to show you that there is no need to go through a middle man, but you can come straight to us. For quicker and clearer incorporations.

In addition, we are an official agent of Ajman Free Zone.

If you want, you can talk now to someone who deals with Ajman Offshore companies all day. We explain the details below.


What Other Premium Services Are On Offer?

There are a lot of additional services that we can provide to you:

  • Bank introductions with local AND international banks.
  • Virtual office options. Have a Dubai mailing address, telephone- or fax number to improve your business image.
  • Nominee directors or shareholders. Obtain complete confidentiality with your name not on the company papers.
  • We can provide you wit local management and bookkeeping to provide substance.
  • Tax planning expertise. Asset planning solution. Long lasting estate planning.
  • Business set ups within the UAE. Visa services. Free Zone Companies. Attestations. Legalizations.
  • International business incorporations. International structuring.
  • Setting up your business from A-Z while you lay back and relax.
  • And much, much more.


Facts About The Ajman IC

The picture painted must resonate with you as a business owner. But you might wonder, this sounds too good to be true. An Arabian fantasy story like One Thousand and One Nights.

Let us address all your potential questions one by one:


Do not believe the 48 hours / 2 day incorporation claims.

A lot of websites online promote that the Ajman Offshore company will be incorporated in 2 days. Keep in mind that it is a claim of the free zone that they incorporate in this time frame.

However, your registered agent FIRST needs to collect your funds, data and prepare the incorporation documents. And you will have to collect a list of due diligence documents, sign the incorporation documents etc.

It sure is possible. But only assuming that you, your agent and the free zone all are exactly lined up the moment you decide to go ahead. In reality this rarely happens.

So we stopped using this marketing trick. (Notice that after these claims you will always see this: when all documents are in place.)


No taxes?

Indeed, no taxes. The UAE is one of the few countries in the world with no taxation, other than on hotel bills, import and alcohol. Besides that, foreigners can set up their business inside so called Free Zones. These free zones are guaranteed tax free status for 15-20 years (depending on the Free Zone). Even if taxation would be introduced in the UAE outside the free zones.

Also, Dubai is not known for being an international tax haven and the UAE has a great number of Tax Treaties which makes the UAE an optimal location for legal and compliant international tax planning.

2019 Update: The UAE implemented recently added a nation wide Value Added Tax of 5%. Please be advised that offshore companies are NOT part of the VAT regulations. There is no VAT for offshore companies.


Strict confidentiality. Control your life.

When you have a Ajman IC, outsiders will not be able to find out who is the shareholder or the director. Also, you will not be required to file annual report, and there will be no audit. This gives you room to focus on what is important; Managing and growing your international empire.


No reporting?

There are better ways to spend your time then with endless book keeping.

We agree that there is no business without administration. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. And you are required to keep accounts.

However, what you don’t need to do is to every year display your ability to follow some arbitrary rules and interact with (and pay) a boring accountant to prepare to a costly and time consuming audit.


Can you set up an Ajman Offshore company from abroad?

Yes you can.

Do keep in mind, if you want to have a local bank account, you will have to visit Dubai for a meeting with the bank. We can do that by inviting a banking representative here in our office.


Will you be 100% Owner?

Yes, you can be 100% owner.

Most of our clients are foreigners who want to keep full control of their business. And unlike other types of set-ups, the Ajman Offshore company fits that description perfectly.


Do you need to rent an office space?

There is no requirement for renting an office or other types of real estate.


Will you be able to get a residence visa?

No. With an Ajman Offshore company you are NOT able to obtain a residence permit.


Is setting up a Ajman IC really that simple?

Yes and no. Setting up an offshore company is generally quite easy. But the process for the Ajman IC is a little bit more cumbersome than other offshore jurisdictions like Seychelles or Belize. Here, the authorities do their own due diligence. More documentation is required than in other jurisdictions.

The UAE authorities want serious, ethical and honest businesses on their shores. But once you are in, it will feel like a warm bath.
In addition, you need to originally sign the memorandum and articles of association. We will explain you the exact process and requirements on the inside.

Also, if you want to have a UAE bank account, you will have to visit Dubai for a meeting with the bank (which can be done here in the office if we invite an experienced banker to visit here). Note, that the opening of bank accounts is also subjected to an increasing amount of KYC and AML regulation. It is not as easy to open an account as it was 5 years ago.

Be advised that an offshore company cannot do business inside the UAE.


Are we the most important contact point if you are an agent looking to set up UAE companies for your clients?

Yes. As an official partner of Ajman Free Zone we are the ideal partner to help you further. Please contact us asap for quick service and competitive rates.