Al Barsha (simply called as Barsha) is a key residential district in Dubai. It was mainly a vast sandy area with a few residential projects and a minimal road network. With the opening of Mall of the Emirates in 2005, the neighbourhood has completely transformed. Al Barsha has now become a major commercial and residential hub with affordable housing in Dubai. It is a self-contained community with a range of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. Also, residents have access to a number of supermarkets, metro station, reputed schools and hospitals at a hand’s length.

It has notably grown as the third most popular area with luxury villas offered at reasonable rents as seen in Al Kanz Al Muthmer Consults’s Market Report for 2020. The highly convenient location and the bonus of an educational district nearby makes it a good choice for families. Interested tenants can consider various projects in Barsha 1 as it is one of the best areas to rent properties in Al Barsha offering a mix of both, independent villas and apartments.

Comparatively still thinly populated, the development is comprised of five sub-communities named as Al Barsha FirstAl Barsha SecondAl Barsha ThirdAl Barsha South and the newly developed Barsha Heights. Most of the apartment buildings, shops and restaurants are located in Al Barsha 1. While the majority of villas are scattered throughout the rest of the communities. Barsha is quite accessible for daily commutes no matter where you work in Dubai due to the prime location between Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road.


  • Property types range from apartments to villas
  • Family-friendly and safe community with lifestyle amenities
  • Prime location amid major highways and a metro station within
  • Allows direct access to the Sheikh Zayed Road E11
  • Many malls in the vicinity including the popular Mall of the Emirates
  • Home to Miracle Garden, Butterfly Garden and Barsha Pond Park

Barsha has a sophisticated metropolitan vibe that is synonymous with the lifestyle of Dubai. The area is well-known for being home to expat communities and different cultures. Due to its convenient location, a wide network of main roads, metro station and direct access to UAE’s major highways, it has become a popular address among young professionals as well. Moreover, there’s no shortage of basic amenities within the area from educational institutes to healthcare and entertainment options.


The area offers a secure environment with different property types and configurations. Al Barsha First is majorly comprised of apartment buildings and thus, it is busier than the neighbouring districts. Mainly due to the proximity to the metro, Barsha 1 is favoured by professionals.

On the other side, the villa districts of Al Barsha, 2, 3 and Barsha South tend to be quieter, offering a more suburban vibe, perfect for a family-oriented lifestyle. As the name suggests, there are high-rise apartment blocks in Barsha Heights out of around 96 completed projects. This relatively new neighbourhood within Barsha is closer to the E11 highway and offers a range of affordable studio flats. Thus, living in Barsha Heights is mostly suitable to young professionals and frequent travelers.

Apartments in Al Barsha include studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom flats. There are a few 3 to 4-bed townhouses in Villa Lantana and Al Barsha 3. The other communities are mainly comprised of 3 to 8-bedroom villas. Those villa plots are normally quite large and spacious and thus can be equipped with a private swimming pool or barbecue area in the backyard.


If you are thinking of renting properties in Al Barsha, you can choose between a range of unit and property types. The rental trends for each would vary based on configurations, built-up area, the project or sub-community you choose and the date of construction. Moreover, rents are generally calculated and paid on per annum basis but some realtors and landlords may offer flexible schedules. It is recommended to check your lease contract beforehand. You may also find some furnished apartments on monthly rents in Al Barsha.

Starting off with the smallest unit, studios for rent in Al Barsha cost around AED 34k, on average. The covered space for such apartments ranges from 400 sq. ft. to 500 sq. ft. Many towers in Al Barsha 1 offer chiller-free studios for AED 35k per annum. Another option for renting small apartments in Barsha would be 1-bedroom units. Spanning across 850 sq. ft., these are generally suitable to couples and singletons looking for reasonable space. The average rent of 1-bed flats in Barsha is AED 45k.

For more spacious units like 2-bedroom apartments, rents vary between AED 43k to AED 90k while 3-bed flats in Barsha cost around AED 95k, per year. Those looking for a closely-knit community lifestyle can opt for rental townhouses in Al Barsha with annual prices starting from AED 155k.

Those interested in rental villas can find a range of 3-bedroom villas in Al Barsha to the more spacious 6-bedroom houses. A typical 3-bedroom house spanning across 2,000 sq. ft. will range between AED 130k to AED 145k. Similarly, renting a 4-bedroom villa in Barsha costs anywhere between AED 130k to AED 230k per annum. Such properties cover around 3,000 sq. ft. of space. As for more luxurious properties such as 5-bedroom villas and 6-bed villas for rent in Barsha, the average rent would be AED 207k and AED 255k per annum, respectively. The covered area for such units spans from 4,500 sq. ft. to 12,000 sq. ft. Moreover, you may find a range of brand new, duplex, detached and semi-detached villas spanning across 15,000 sq. ft. The maximum rent expected for such is AED 400k, annually.


Investors can buy properties in Al Barsha but it must be noted that the area is not freehold. Only UAE Nationals can buy property in Al Barsha 1, 2 and 3; with the exception of Al Murad Tower, the only freehold residential building in Al Barsha 1. Expats can purchase freehold property in Barsha South.

Those looking to invest in independent properties, there are villas ranging from 3-bed to 8-bedroom luxury units. Besides Barsha 1 and 2, Villa Lantana is evolving into a popular district to buy properties in Al Barsha. It offers a good range of 3 to 5-BHK detached and semi-detached houses. A standard 3-bedroom villa for sale in Al Barsha would cost you around AED 2.7M. You may find such units concentrated in Villa Lantana spanning around 4,000 sq. ft. and featuring dedicated parking and maid’s room.

Likewise, buying 4-bedroom villas may cost you around AED 8.3M. If you are looking invest in more luxurious properties, consider buying 5-bedroom villas in Al Barsha, typically ranging from AED 6M to AED 12M. Whereas, you’d need to shell out around AED 9.4M and AED 12M to buy expansive 6-bed and 7-bed houses in the area, respectively.


Al Barsha Mall also has different on-going community events, so keep an eye out for those. Otherwise, you could always pop down to Meadows Dubai as they have a lot of kid-friendly activities in their community centre.


Combining affordable living in Al Barsha and an enriching community lifestyle, make the community a sought-after address. The only downside being slight traffic jams at the entry points to the area from Sheikh Zayed Road in the morning and evening rush hour times.