Al Qusais, also known as Al Gusais, is situated in the Deira locality of east Dubai. It is one of the largest areas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Al Qusais is divided into the industrial and residential areas. The Al Qusais borders the areas of the Al Twar and Hor Al Anz.

Al Qusais industrial areas is divided into the Al Qusais industrial area first, Al Qusais industrial area second, Al Qusais industrial area Third, Al Ausais industrial area Fourth, Al Qusais industrial area Fifth whereas the residential areas of Al Qusais and the Al Gusais divided into the Al Qusais First, Al Qusais Second and Al Qusais Third.

Medical Education instituitions, shopping centers, and several other businesses can be started in this locality. It is a cost-effective option for registering your company in Al Qusais, Dubai.

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Overview About AL Qusais Location

  • Very important location on junction of Dubai and Sharjah.
  • Office and shops rents are comparatively low. It can be considered as cost effective option.
  • It also has industrial ware houses.
  • Large population is living in this location.
  • Mix client base of Dubai and Sharjah can be acquired but comparatively with lower spending power.

*Above shown description about the location is to the best of our knowledge and experience. We here by request our clients to make your own due diligence before making any location choices.